Dark, Moody, and Sophisticated

Photography by RAD RED CREATIVE

All the details behind the Dunlaps’ industrial, chic wedding 

Some might say it was fate how the Dunlaps first met. Garrett was the best man and Ashley was the maid of honor in a wedding — foreshadowing at its finest. “After that weekend, we knew there was something special between us,” says Ashley. Five and a half years later, the two would walk down the aisle once again, but, this time, committing their lives to one another.

There are a lot of details that go into planning the big day. Many find themselves overwhelmed and losing focus on what matters most. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and stress over if you are making the right decision,” says Ashley. But it is possible to still carry out your wedding vision and create memorable moments that stay true to you as a couple. 

“Go with your gut,” says Ashley. “It’s OK to say ‘no’ to family, and remember it’s about your love story. Oh, and hire a wedding planner!”

The Dunlaps’ wedding day would not have been possible without the team that pulled it off. With exposed beams, oversized metals doors, stunning chandeliers, and a garden with enchanting wooden gates, Venue 650 became the perfect backdrop for their vision of an industrial/chic wedding. Their wedding day was comprised of a moody and dramatic color palette, thoughtful details, and all-star vendors who carefully executed every detail that made up their big day.

The Looks
The Bride

After trying on her first dress, Ashley knew it was the one. She picked a L’amour by Calla Blanche from The White Closet Bridal with lace details and a long train. “My dress is the perfect balance of sexy and classic,” she says. She added a cathedral veil which beautifully tied the look together. The veil picked up where the lace detail ended on the dress and was the element Ashley loved the most from this look.

Something Blue
Holding on to an old blue dress shirt that belonged to Ashley’s grandfather, her aunt cut out a heart from it and stitched it into her wedding dress. “It was my ‘something blue’ from a loving man looking down on me that day,” says Ashley. 

Garrett’s tux was custom-fitted from Black Lapel. “I wanted him in a traditional black tux, but Garrett insisted on blue — and holy moly did it look amazing,” says Ashley. 

“The bridesmaid dress process ended up being one of the hardest decisions to make,” says Ashley. Wanting to match the color palette, Ashley first wanted the girls to be in different jewel tones. But, after months of not finding the right look, they settled on black dresses which ultimately gave the wedding the look of sophistication they were going for. The groomsmen suits were rented from Generation Tux.

Purple, burgundy, navy, and emerald 
Seeking to highlight the existing architecture of their wedding venue, Ashley and Garrett wanted colors that would pop against the industrial backdrop of exposed beams and concrete. “By picking the jewel-tone colors of purple, burgundy, navy, and emerald, our vendors were able to be creative in their designs,” says Ashley.

The Details
Ashley worked with Lasater Flowers to bring the jewel tones to life. From the bridal bouquets to the large greenery wall which showcased a neon “Dunlap” sign, the floral arrangements added to the dramatic look of the wedding. In addition, “Shanna designed the bridal bouquet of my dreams,” says Ashley. The various jewel tones and textures, and the different flowers helped to complete Ashley’s look. The bouquet also included two dog tags with pictures of Ashley’s grandparents on their wedding day. “Since my grandparents have all passed, I wanted there to be a way to keep them close to me on my wedding. So having them with me as I walked down the aisle felt right.”

Something Old
Lace from her mom’s wedding gown was wrapped around Ashley’s bouquet. @lasaterflowers

“I wanted the invitations to set the scene for what our guests would experience on the wedding day,” says Ashley. She and Garrett worked with the team at Lakeland’s Stationery Loft to accomplish this. They blended the jewel tones in a mesmerizing swirl into a rich purple envelope. “We wanted to have some fun with the program as we knew guests would be waiting for the ceremony to start. We worked with Stationery Loft to create a program that felt very us, especially since it included our furbabies.”

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and stress over if you are making the right decision. Go with your gut. It’s OK to say ‘no’ to family, and remember it’s about your love story. Oh, and hire a wedding planner!”

Their ceremony incorporated many elements that held special meaning. It was important for Ashley and Garrett to have a unity candle ceremony. For this, Garrett custom made the table that was used for this portion of the ceremony, along with the bride and groom table used at the reception. “Both pieces we now have in our home, and it’s our daily reminder of our wedding,” says Ashley.     
The wedding was officiated by Pastor Tim Broton of The Way Community Church, and Ashley’s sister read 1 Corinthians 13. But Ashley’s favorite element of the ceremony was when their friend Kerry Courtney sang “If I Tremble,” a song by Front Porch Step that Garrett picked out well before their engagement. “It’s a song that, up until that point, I had never heard but just knew that the lyrics were Garrett’s vows to me. In that moment the guests faded away and we were able to be present in our love and commitment to each other.”

Taylor Ann Hamlet 
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