Photography by  Tina Sargeant

Since 1958, Lasater Flowers has called Winter Haven home. Although it has undergone a handful of changes and has come under varying ownership over the decades, this floral design boutique has remained a family-owned business carrying the freshest of blooms and the highest quality of service.

Throughout her undergrad, Lasater Flowers co-owner Keira Lennox had visualized herself in a corporate career path. She worked in multiple fields, including medical marketing, advertising sales, non-profit fundraising, and consulting. But, after receiving a business degree from USF in 2007 and completing half of her MBA program, Lennox had an epiphany. “I wanted to pursue something creative,” she says.

This first took the form of a blog with a focus on personal style while working part-time in other areas. In 2010, she began helping her mother-in-law at the flower shop with marketing and social media. It was during this time that she asked her husband, Chad, “Would it be crazy if we took over the flower shop?” With little to no knowledge of flowers and small business ownership, in the summer of 2012, she and Chad took a leap of faith and bought Lasater Flowers.

“The first year was equal parts exciting and terrifying,” recounts Lennox. Within the first two years of ownership, she and Chad moved forward with some significant business changes, including relocating to a smaller downtown space and restructuring their staff. They also made the transition into becoming a completely independent floral boutique by cutting ties with the wire service Lasater Flowers had used for over a decade. “Which was risky and pretty unheard of by other florists at the time,” says Lennox.

While running the business together full-time, Keira and Chad learned a lot about florals and small business ownership. They quickly immersed themselves into everything they needed to know about running a flower shop, from retail service to managing daily floral inventory — a tricky task to navigate when handling a perishable product like florals. They had to quickly learn that there’s no perfect formula for managing floral inventory and that sales vary vastly each season, and even year.

“Now we have a great system in place for staying well-stocked throughout the week,” says Lennox. Lasater Flowers has fresh shipments arriving daily to their shop from farms all over the world. “We’re much better at managing the ebbs and flows of daily sales and predicting what our customers want,” says Lennox.

Not only do they have a firm grasp on the quantity of their floral inventory, but also the trending styles. Along with frequently researching some of the industry’s floral trends, Lennox’s keen eye for design and style is apparent in the floral concepts she creates.

This season, she is looking at muted tones like champagnes, pale peach, light pinks, and sage greens to take the lead in floral trends. “We’re loving unexpected, modern color palettes for fall,” says Lennox. Accenting these colors with elements like fresh cotton buds and oak leaves, she has created a few examples of floral arrangements to consider this holiday season.

However, regardless of the season, there are a few elements to always expect from the shop: lots of texture, unexpected flowers or colors, and a thoughtful design. “These are all the checkmarks of our signature style at Lasater Flowers,” says Lennox.

Take a peek into what Kierra Lennox recommends as you’re preparing some floral concepts this holiday season.

[item title=”The Classic“]

The Classic

Peach Shimmer roses, Pink Mondial roses, peach ranunculus, pink spray roses, magnolia, eucalyptus

We built this design around two of our favorite varieties of roses: Peach Shimmers and Pink Mondials, which are both year-round staples in our cooler. We wanted an arrangement that felt like roses cut fresh from a garden in an unfussy, organic shape, and our metal Sidney urn is the perfect base. This bouquet also contains ranunculus, spray roses, and a variety of greenery, like fresh magnolia and fragrant eucalyptus. [/item]

[item title=”The Showstopper“]

The Showstopper

Purple kale, Pink Ice protea, Peach Shimmer roses, spray roses, red anemones, purple calla lilies, carnations and mini carnations, ming fern

Our gold-textured Nox pot is the star of this showstopper piece; it’s a great example of our obsession with designing in unique containers that our clients and their recipients will want to use in their homes long after the flowers are gone. While this stunner contains mostly premium flowers, we threw in our favorite underdog, the carnation, in a unique shade of purple.[/item]

[item title=”The Timeless Beauty“]

The Timeless Beauty

Peach Shimmer and Tiffany roses, Pink Mondial roses, Coral Cayenne roses, hypericum berries, safflower, assorted eucalyptus

We love the vintage vibe of this gold crescent vase, and we kept the floral design simple and elegant with roses, protea, hypericum berries, and seeded eucalyptus in an ombre palette of peach and coral. This vase looks just as cool with a few sprigs of greenery or palm fronds cut from your backyard, so when you send this bouquet to a friend, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.[/item]

[item title=”The Modern Bride“]

The Modern Bride

Pink Mondial roses, pink ranunculus, Pink Ice protea, safari sunset, purple calla lilies, silver dollar eucalyptus

Last year, our team made a big decision to grow our wedding design services and named Shanna Trudell as our wedding coordinator. No one loves weddings more than Shanna, and she can help you create a floral plan for any style or budget. Our experienced design team can tackle any wedding aesthetic, but we’re partial to organic, unfussy designs with lots of texture and unique blooms, like this hand-tied bouquet of roses, protea, calla lilies, and ranunculus.[/item]

[item title=”The Happy Harvest“]

The Happy Harvest

Peach Shimmer and Tiffany roses, Pink Mondial roses, Coral Cayenne roses, hypericum berries, safflower, assorted eucalyptus

This box of blooms was our best-seller through October and November! The assortment of roses in fresh peaches and muted pinks is a departure from traditional fall colors, but it still has a nod to the season with dyed oak leaves and orange berries. [/item]