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With over 20 years in the industry, personal trainer and Laws of Fitness studio owner Chris Law developed a gym that is now expanding to its second location in order to continue motivating the community to reach their fitness goals and carry out healthy lifestyles beyond the walls of their facility.

Life can get busy and, often times, it can become difficult to make space to care for ourselves. Allotting time to hit the gym and escape for an hour in order to improve our bodies and minds may feel like an impossible task, especially in the midst of packed schedules. But taking time to work out is immensely crucial for our overall well-being. In addition, going the extra step to work out in a group setting, like a gym, often gives us the motivation needed to stay committed to a fitness routine and push ourselves harder than if we were to work out alone. The gym gives us space to listen to our body and respond to its needs.

Owner, Chris Law, is a personal trainer with over over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

It’s easy to name off all the benefits of integrating a physically active lifestyle into our everyday lives. But it’s another thing to step foot into a gym, especially for the first time. Attending a gym may be an intimidating experience for some. Finding the right gym that truly cares about your goals and fosters an encouraging environment may seem few and far between.

“We want to empower our local community and help them live their best, most active lives.”

Yet, these are the characteristics that make up local fitness studio Laws of Fitness. It’s not just a gym. “It’s a place where people can truly grow and become the person they want to be,” says Chris Law, owner of Laws of Fitness. What sets Laws of Fitness apart from other gyms is their commitment to being an inclusive space that reminds clients that fitness is easily accessible to all and provides the needed support for their clients as soon as they walk through the doors. “We don’t want our members and guests to feel intimidated or pressured into doing things they’re uncomfortable doing or unable to do. We want them to get fit and have fun,” says Law.

Law has been physically active for most of his life and has fond memories that surround fitness. As a kid, he was frequently involved in competitive sports. “I loved the camaraderie and the physical and mental challenge of it all,” he says. Along with the joy found in simply the game itself, Law has also been drawn to the community that naturally forms around fitness. “I met inspiring people along the way, and I learned a lot about myself.” Law continued on his fitness journey by joining his college baseball team and being active in collegiate sports as well.

However, a back injury would later hinder this active lifestyle. Law began to bounce between doctors, seeking relief for his pain only to come up short with results that could not truly help him. This injury would be the catalyst for what would end up being a more than 20-year journey in the health and fitness industry. “I wanted to learn as much as possible for myself,” says Law. “When you understand and are in tune with your own body and mind, you can better understand the world around you.” After extensive research into fitness, Law decided to become a personal trainer and soon after began working in the industry.

“I’ve owned Laws of Fitness on Recker Highway for a number of years, and it’s always been a dream of mine to expand my reach and open another location.”

In 1998, Law continued his personal training career by opening up his own place on Recker Highway called Laws of Fitness. The mission behind Laws of Fitness is to encourage healthy lifestyles beyond the walls of the gym, similar to his own experiences with fitness thus far. “We want to empower our local community and help them live their best, most active lives,” says Law.

With a mission that’s committed to seeing people happy and healthy regardless of their fitness level, Laws of Fitness offers customizable training packages in order to keep people motivated and achieve their goals regardless of their backgrounds. Personal training, group fitness, and nutrition/health coaching are among the customizable training packages offered. They also offer one-on-one, sport-specific, and small-group training.

In addition to these packages, Laws of Fitness also offers a variety of classes like boot camp, HIIT, yoga, stretch, Pilates, total body conditioning, and strength training. “We want people to feel at home and supported from the minute they walk through our doors to the moment they leave,” says Law. In order to better support clients, they also offer a Kids Club program where trained childcare professionals supervise clients’ children in their childcare center. Special rates are also available for law enforcement, military, veterans, EMS, fire fighters, first responders, senior citizens, and corporate groups. “We offer these services so we can show people that exercise really can be accessible, effective, and fun for everyone in the family,” says Law.

The addition of a second location will continue to expand Laws of Fitness’ reach in the Winter Haven community. “I’ve owned Laws of Fitness on Recker Highway for a number of years, and it’s always been a dream of mine to expand my reach and open another location,” says Law. The opportunity to take on their newest downtown location was presented to Law and his business partner, Rachael Harris, several months ago. They are both looking forward to this new and exciting challenge. “We’re always looking for opportunities to keep things interesting and plug into our community,” says Law.

They also anticipate attending more community events and industry-related conferences in order to better equip their team to serve their clients. “My team and I are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to serve our community in this way,” says Law.

As the team over at Laws of Fitness continues to grow and develop their business, they will remain committed to being a space that motivates people to achieve their goals. As Law says, “I want people to feel motivated, empowered, and happy. I want them to be excited about their lives and proud of what they’ve accomplished.”


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