In Full Bloom

 photography by JORDAN RANDAL

We know what you’re thinking. “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” As the famed fictional fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada would say, we’re fully aware that spring florals are no revolutionary idea. But it doesn’t mean we can’t elaborate on the idea, no?


 There’s not a more telling sign that spring is on its way than spotting the flowers blooming in the ground, on the trees, and in our wardrobes. While the print isn’t necessarily anything revolutionary, there is a reason we see them taking over the runway each year, flooding street style, and finding ourselves craving some vibrant florals each spring. So we have set out to show you a few ways to make florals feel fresh for 2018.

You really can wear floral print just about anywhere and find ways to make it work for any occasion, season, or simply use it to brighten you up on a mundane day. From vacation to lounging, to work or running Saturday errands, adding floral prints is an instant way to make you feel instantly chic. (Never mind an instant mood-booster.) Just like a classic stripe, florals (even in the remnants of winter) can be utilized as a wardrobe basic.

We can all walk outside and look at what’s blooming around us and agree that the beauty of flowers is powerful. So why not carry that into our wardrobes and more often in a daily look? For my personal style, a good floral print evokes a sense of femininity and confidence. It’s what I wear when I might be having a bad week and want to get on my way to feeling like myself again. It’s what I put on when my husband says he wants to take me on a date. My favorite piece of floral clothing I own is a vintage, handmade, bold floral blazer that looks like the fabric may have come off of my Grandma’s curtains in the ’80s. There’s no quicker lift to stand out in a crowd than wearing something in a powerful floral print.

This season in particular embraces matching sets, playing with the sizing of the print whether it’s big and bold or small and dainty, mixing florals with other classics like stripes and gingham (another print having its own moment right now) and vintage inspired prints.

With plenty of ways to try the trend, there’s surely a way to sneak them into any outfit and offer a look that is truly a breath of fresh air for you and to everyone you may encounter.