Game-Day Style

Outfits that won’t embarrass you to show a little team spirit

Styling by Abdiel Gonzalez / Photography by Dan Austin / Special thanks to Polk State College Baseball team

For many of us, the best part of this season’s temperature drop is being outside under the Friday night lights without sitting in dripping sweat — or torrential rain, for that matter. It’s the time of year when sports fanatics dust off their beloved team jerseys and begin to organize their closets with their favorite team colors in preparation of how to best represent their team while in the stands.

However, game-day attire can be a little stressful at times. Naturally, super fans want to be dressed better than their rivals, to stand out in a crowd. So, of course, you begin with a mix of body paint with an addition of over-the-top accessories and props.

But deciding what to wear doesn’t have to be a theatrical event. On the contrary. American sportswear is a fashion staple that’s currently enjoying a resurgence on many runways and retail stores this season. Don’t shy away from mixing the classics with modern-day sports apparel. Raglan tops and varsity jackets pair easily with your favorite team T-shirt or a pair of dry-fit Nike shorts by staying with the same color palette and keeping fabrications neutral.

The key to successfully suiting up on game day is no different from getting ready for work or play: pick one graphic statement piece of clothing to represent your super-fan side, and let the other articles of clothing serve as complements. That way, at your next tailgate party you’ll stand out for being the most stylish team enthusiast as opposed to the craziest fanatic. Save that one for next Halloween.