Essential Spring Fashion


StyLING BY  Daniel barcelÓ & Candace Gross // PHOTOGRAPHY by Daniel barcelÓ

Does anything sound better than spring in Florida? Seriously, the months of March, April, and May are something of a sweet spot when it comes to the weather in our beloved state. Still before the most humid and rainy months and mostly in the clear of sudden cold snaps, we are promised weather most only dream of this early in the year.

So how do we take advantage of this climate bliss while staying in style? We assemble a spring wardrobe that combines the versatility of light layers with colors and patterns that blend seamlessly into our endless summer. This spring, we hope our readers will be inspired to have a little fun while embracing this change of season. Purge your closet of dated pastels and tired florals, and infuse your daily style with looks filled with updated silhouettes and a dash of irony.

From lakeside weekends to cool evenings downtown, the ideal spring wardrobe feels effortlessly fun. Here are four looks that will keep you feeling fashionable with minimal fuss. Plus, you’ll have the additional satisfaction of reminding your Northern friends and family that you are already enjoying vacation-quality weather — and looking great in the process.