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Photography by Daniel Barceló

Get ready for a legendary fishing season with all the gear you need plus some advice from the pros at Andy Thornal Company.

Teach a man to fish…” they say, and they have been saying it for a very long time. Fishing is quite possibly the world’s oldest pastime and still the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States after jogging, according to the Outdoor Foundation. It is estimated that over 49 million people participated in the sport in the last year at some level. So it’s safe to say that if you have not been recently, it’s probably your turn to go fish.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-timer looking for a new experience on our world-renowned Chain of Lakes, having the right equipment makes all the difference. For the novice, the choices seem endless and overwhelming — like, “Do I really need fluorocarbon, abrasion-resistant line?” (You might, by the way).

So we went over to Andy Thornal Company to get some expert advice on what to get to maximize your time on the water this season. After all, they have been equipping locals to take on the outdoors, no matter the excursion, since 1945.

After an informative conversation with resident fishing guru Hunter Towery, we are proud to help you put together an enviable tacklebox and equip you with a few tips that might actually help you catch the big one — or at least that’s what you’ll say. Because what fishing story would be complete without a little hyperbole?



Andy Thornal Company

336 Magnolia Avenue, Winter Haven, FL 33880